Essentially, transceivers as part of radios are responsible to up-convert and transfer physical layer signal from baseband signal processor to the RF or mmWave power amplifiers and antennas. Also, they are required to down-convert the analog signal from RF or mmWave frequencies and transfer it back to the baseband processor. As frequencies and bandwidths are increasing, up-conversion and down-conversion face many issues specifically related to signal quality and circuit power consumption. Analog circuits do not follow Moore’s law! They are not modular either and every circuit must be customized to the exact requirements.  In fact, as 5G NR specifications demand for speed, noise and linearity get tighter, analog circuits consume more energy and grow in size.

Evaluation Boards Enabling Faster Time To Market

Hardware Intelligent Circuits (HICTM)

SiTune’s HICTM is a patented design concept based on integrating and implementing hardware circuits, when combined with software enables use of calibration methods and digital correction techniques to optimize and correct performance of customized low power analog circuits. Rather than increasing area and power consumption to reduce noise and increase linearity to meet the specifications of analog circuits, HICTM technology enables low power circuit design and optimizes the performance through intelligent modifications. This is done via enhanced Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design where digital signal is used to provide a true feedback and close the loop to correct analog circuit performance.


Low-Cost, Low-Power 5G Infrastructure Transceiver Covers All Sub-7 GHz Bands

SnowWings™, a multi-standard, scalable RF transceiver chipset using direct RF sampling provides significant advantages in cost and power consumption. June 14, 2021