Enabling future of

Massive MIMO

SiTune’s innovative transceiver, SnowWings, is the only revolutionary ASIC solution with integrated RF analog and digital functionalities based on Digital RF technology. Thus, optimizing Massive MIMO base station performance and cost with hundreds of watts of power consumption by utilizing unprecedented techniques to bring intelligence to RF solutions.

Ultimate HW flexibility

for 5G BaseStations

With ultimate hardware flexibility, SiTune transceivers, IceWings and SnowWings, are the world’s first multi-standard ultra-wide band chips supporting 5G NR, LTE, and a wide range of standards that operate anywhere below 7.2GHz including CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) and C-Band.

80% Lower

power consumption

As 5G network is densifying, low-power low-cost small cell solutions and gNodeBs are in high demand. Leveraging its existing low power technology “Hardware Intelligent Circuits (HIC)” and advanced integration techniques, SiTune has lowered power consumption of transceivers by 80% in both IceWings and SnowWings.

Powering Integrated

Private Enterprise

Private enterprises require flexible solutions that can support LTE and 5G NR shared or leased licensed spectrum as well as newly advanced WiFi standards with operating frequency of up to 7.2GHz. Cost and power are the most important differentiators in this case, and SiTune’s highly integrated transceiver, IceWings, with low power consumption help reduce Cost of BOM and TCO in these applications.



The innovative method of converging lower bandwidth communication with higher bandwidth techniques needed in mmWave applications provide various opportunities to build mmWave solutions that can also utilize CBRS band and C-band for more extended range communication and control message signaling.

Enabling 5G Broadcast

on phones

Watching TV programs on mobile phones and tablets has always been in demand, and SiTune’s mobile TV tuner enables the high-quality TV watching by receiving over the air terrestrial digital broadcasting content with an extremely low power consumption. This is the first single-chip mobile tuner to support high quality video reception in mobile environment.

Tuning to

the Future

of 5G

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