Low-Power High Bandwidth

Digital Transceiver

SnowWings’s ground-breaking technology based on digital RF technology designed for 5G infrastructure market with a unique and cutting-edge architecture offering flexible and scalable interfaces specially for O-RAN compliance. Due to its inherent multi-standard architecture and its superior performance, it can support 5G NR licensed and unlicensed band as well as 4G LTE bands up to 7.2GHz.

Improved power efficiency of 70-80% is one of its key benefit. This improvement is done through its innovative architecture design, sophisticated analog circuit design, high level of digital integration, and a clear focus on low power circuit design. This low power consumption approach based on SiTune’s revolutionary and patented Hardware Intelligent Circuits or “HIC” technology leads to lower cost in radio design for enterprise and telco base stations.

Another key benefit is providing hardware design flexibility by offering Sub-6GHz and mmWave convergence. This product’s unique design provides a single pluggable chip converging sub-7GHz bands including CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service), LTE band and mmWave IF transceiver solution.


  • Digital RF Technology
  • Quad Tx/Rx with 2 Observation paths
  • Wide-band RF inputs covering RF ranges of 600MHz to 7.2GHz
  • Reduces the number of RF switches in multi band designs
  • Integrated LNA
  • Bandwidth support of up to 400MHz IBW
  • Ideal for sub-6G/mmWave convergence applications
  • JESD204B/C compliant
  • Wide band 2 observation paths
  • Digital down conversion and up conversion plus associated filtering, DCOC and tone removal
  • Integrated 3 Low phase noise synthesizers
  • Lo Sync mechanisms, allowing multi chip Lo synchronization


  • Lower power consumption: Accelerate deployment of 5G by offering new technology perfect for reducing overall power consumption of the Radio Unit (RU) in macro base stations, massive MIMO, gNodeBs and small cells.
  • Multi-standard interface: Support for a wide range of wireless standards with a flexible scalable interface design.
  • High-performance solutions: Complying with 5G NR specifications and offering superior performance when it comes to signal quality, noise, linearity, and power consumption due to their inherently innovative architecture.
  • Providing mmWave and sub-6 convergence with a single transceiver that supports both types of Front Ends
  • Integrated DPD for linearization of high efficiency Wide-band PA especially in Massive MIMO scenarios resulting in manageable RU power consumption.
  • Providing Intra-band multi-carrier support with Direct RF sampling architecture


Dense Area Coverage

Autonomous Driving

Private Networks

Smart City

Data Collection

Industrial IoT