Dual Ter/Sat 4K/8K ISDBS3 Tuner

STN6528 is the number one 8K Terrestrial/Satellite Dual Tuner in the market. The STN6528 can receive Satellite bands and Terrestrial (or cable) bands at the same time, where the satellite tuner receives frequencies up to 3.25 GHz in accordance with Japan’s new ISDB-S3 standard. The STN6528 is performing better than any other Satellite Tuner in the market due to its highly linear wideband RF design and accurate AGC loop design. This tuner supports ISDB-S3/S, DVB-S/S2, ABS-S, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/SBTVD, ATSC1.0/3.0, DMB-TH, PAL/SECAM/NTSC, DVB-C/C2, J.83 Annex A/B/C  Its applications include high resolution multi channel TV, time-shift high resolution Set-top boxes as well as streaming devices and PCTVs.

Full band, High-Resolution Spectrum Analysis Solutions

STN93321 is a complete Total Spectrum Reception (TSR™ ) SOC with a unique patent pending technology for capturing, recording and analyzing spectrum utilizing Direct RF Sampling technology. STN93321 unlike its competition is a standalone solution that uses power measurement as a way of capturing spectrum while providing four resolution modes with bandwidths that can go up to 1.2GHz. This distinctive product can provide Full-Band Spectrum Monitoring, single channel and multi-channel monitoring as well as phase noise measurement depending on the selected resolution mode.

Low Power ATSC 3.0 Mobile TV Tuner

STN61M0 is a cutting-edge ultra-low power mobile TV tuner. This new high-performance tuner targeted for mobile handhelds including smartphones, tablets, and USB dongles enables high quality TV watching by receiving over the air terrestrial digital broadcasting content and by providing a considerably low power RF solution for handheld devices. STN61M0 is the first single-chip ATSC3.0 mobile tuner to support high quality video and audio reception in a mobile environment, considering fast signal power changes and doppler effects while assuring co-existence with the current LTE reception band of 600MHz-700MHz.