Mobile TV Receiver

Low Power ATSC 3.0 Mobile TV Tuner

STN61M0 is a cutting-edge ultra-low power mobile TV tuner. This new high-performance tuner targeted for mobile handhelds including smartphones, tablets, and USB dongles enables high quality TV watching by receiving over the air terrestrial digital broadcasting content and by providing a considerably low power RF solution for handheld devices. STN61M0 is the first single-chip ATSC3.0 mobile tuner to support high quality video and audio reception in a mobile environment, considering fast signal power changes and doppler effects while assuring co-existence with the current LTE reception band of 600MHz-700MHz.



The Chip can tune to channels anywhere between 90MHz to 858MHz and consume the smallest power attributed to its high level of integration and design intricacy. STN61M0 can support other terrestrial standards such as DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T and D-TMB. This tuner is software-­configurable to provide outstanding performance for each standard. With a core power supply of 1.2V/3.3V and digital IO power supply of 1.8V, typical power consumption is less than 80mW for mobile terrestrial operation.


  • Tuning range : Terrestrial: 90 MHz to 858 MHz
  • Programmable channel bandwidths: 6, 7, and 8 MHz
  • Zero IF output with differential I/Q output
  • I2C interface used for programming the tuner
  • Internal RF AGC loops with multiple RSSI to manage adjacent channels, interference, and large signals
  • AGC gain distribution in baseband for optimum noise/linearity performance
  • Variable 45 dB RF gain and 60 dB baseband gain
  • 50Ω input
  • Power consumption: ≤ 80mW
  • Small package size: 32­pin 5mm x 5mm QFN
  • No external LNAs required
  • Customized external SAW filter to obtain LTE band’s interference rejection
  • Supports multiple standards and meets or exceeds the following the requirements of:
    • DVB-­T/T2
    • ISDB-­T/SBTVD (ARIB STD-­B21/ABNT NBR 15604)
    • ATSC3.0/1.0 and DTMB (GB20600)

STN61M0 Cellular Blockers Rejection

STN61M0 Phase Noise

STN61M0 Adjacent Channel

Rejection of DVB-T

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