• Fully Compliant DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 Cable Solution
  • Supporting Downstream (DS) band up to 1.2 GHz and Upstream (US) band up to 204 MHz
  • 32 QAM Legacy channel and 2 192MHz OFDM Channels
  • Down Stream and Up Stream Monitoring
  • Integrated NB Tuner
  • Novel high speed ADC with patented Digital Correction Algorithms
  • Wide band highly linear RF design
  • Low power DSP architecture
  • Digital spur removal

  • Multigigabit best in class signal reception
  • Ideal for Cable gateways
  • Upstream and Downstream monitoring to help operators remotely monitor field issues with lower truck roll costs
  • Enables streaming services on multiple devices

STN93321/STN93240 are complete Total Spectrum Reception (TSR™ ) SOCs designed for cable gateways based on DOCSIS 3.1/DOCSIS 3.0 standards and coupled with Intel Puma7/Puma6 processors. They include downstream and upstream monitoring which is an important feature immensely helping operators remotely monitor field issues with lower overhead and cost.

The STN93321 has a unique patented architecture, TSR™, that  grants the ability to digitize the entire band and consequently deliver up to 32 legacy cable channels and 2 OFDM cable channels at the same time. This is achieved due to the unsurpassed level of integration that includes a very high performance wide band RF front-end, a multi-GS/s high resolution Analog-to-Digital Convertor with a complex Digital Signal Processing Unit for cable reception.

The upstream path receives high speed data from PUMA 7 and generates up to 204MHz wide band upstream QAM signal using high resolution low spurious high speed Digital to Analog Converter.

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