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STN93321 is a complete Total Spectrum Reception (TSR™ ) SOC with a unique patent pending technology for capturing, recording and analyzing spectrum utilizing Direct RF Sampling technology. STN93321 unlike its competition is a standalone solution that uses power measurement as a way of capturing spectrum while providing four resolution modes with bandwidths that can go up to 1.2GHz. This distinctive product can provide Full-Band Spectrum Monitoring, single channel and multi-channel monitoring as well as phase noise measurement depending on the selected resolution mode.

It can also detect impairments associated with Standing Waves, 4G LTE ingress, Roll-off, Adjacency and much more. This is achieved due to the unsurpassed level of integration that includes a high-performance wide band RF front-end, a multi-GS/s high resolution Analog-to-Digital Convertor and a complex Digital Signal Processing Unit for recording


  • Integrated LNA, 3Gs/s ADC, Digital Spectrum Analyzer and low phase noise PLL on one Silicon
  • Linux/ARM optimized API library to enable various spectrum monitoring features such as SNR measurement, channel power measurement and impairment analysis.
  • Supports Main path and Aux path to measure downstream and upstream separately.
  • Integrated high speed DAC and integrated digital Cordic engine to generate desired CW tones for calibration applications.
  • Programmable spectrum analyzer resolution to capture the entire bandwidth at once or to zoom in to a single tone and measure phase noise
  • Integrated Smart AGC to handle different conditions in Cable/Terrestrial environments like Tilt and Adjacent channels.
  • STN93321 DS Spectrum monitoring can detect any impairments shown below in accordance with Section 2. Wideband Spectrum Analysis , Measurement item 5.2.6 Spectral Impairment Detection of the PNM standard CM-GL-PNM-3.1-V01-200506


  • Provides a standalone platform for HW and SW which is independent from any Docsis processor.
  • Reduces cost of BOM for a spectrum analyzer platform to at least 20% by eliminating expensive standalone highspeed ADC and FPGA in an alternative solution.
  • A total power consumption of less than 2W as opposed to a minimum of 10W for an alternative solution.
  • Ready to use Linux/ARM optimized API library and with minimal SW integration effort.
  • 10×10, 88pin QFN package keeps the PCB design and manufacturing efforts at the min cost.
  • Ideal for monitoring high power amplifiers and adjust the parameters remotely.
  • Perfect for impairment measurements performed in CMTS and headend equiopments.
  • Works independent from Intel Puma processor, saving a lot of cost and power from the end application.

Ordering Information

STN93321 is equipped with a Windows based GUI plus complete API Linux/Driver that reduces the time to market for infrastructure equipment makers considerably.

Customer can use STN93321 spectrum analyzer to measure the shape of the received or transmitted signal and make smart decisions about the conditions of the amplifiers or the plant, remotely.