Vahid Toosi

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Vahid Toosi founded SiTune in 2008, and he has been working in the field of RF design and management for more than 21 years. His deep expertise and passion in semiconductor paved the way for SiTune to evolve into a well-established company bringing advanced full spectrum SoCs and multi-channel Tuners into reality. SiTune’s outstanding team of RF and system designers under the management of Vahid as SiTune’s CEO introduced multiple industry proven products into Cable, TV and set top box markets. They have been focusing on novelty and creativity so much so that they have more 35 issued patents and many submitted and under review new patents in the key areas of circuits and systems. Vahid himself is the author or co-author of at least 30 patents and the designer of SiTune’s outstanding frequency Synthesizers . Vahid attended UCSC PHD program in the field of Electrical Engineering and has been growing SiTune with his visionary leadership since its inception.

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