Marzieh Veyseh

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Marzieh has been actively involved in the development of science and technology in the field of Wireless communication for the past 18 years. She has authored and co-authored numerous papers and patents with novel fundamental ideas to improve the performance of wireless networks by designing new protocols in the medium access layers as well as new hardware implementation techniques that support and help the higher layer distribution algorithms to attain lower latency and higher reliability. This includes her PhD Thesis, papers and patents while working as a scientist and CTO at SiTune and other places. She has acted as Journal reviewer, Book co-author and Teaching assistant during her graduate studies and Co-founded SiTune in 2007 during her PhD years. She has helped in developing SiTune’s successful commercialized products in terms of architecture design, research and product development. She has directly managed the R&D team and handled patents composition and submission as well as managing projects and partnerships while working on the innovation aspects of the company’s products. She is the chief architect for SiTune’s advanced products such as Cable Full Duplex, 5G Base Station Transceiver, DPD design for Power Amplifiers, and MAC/PHY design for DOCSIS. Her PhD Project was based on implementation of novel communication protocolsfor wireless network and cross-layer design for attaining concurrency in wireless spectrum allocation. She worked at Hitachi America in 2011 for a year on protocol development for 802.11 radios for production monitoring systems.Her work across wireless communication layers from complex physical layer optimization algorithms to meticulous MAC layer protocol resulted in many publications and more than 20 patents.

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