Low-Power High performance

Analog Transceiver

IceWings is an innovative product designed for wireless Radio Units (RU), small cells and gNodeBs based on SiTune’s revolutionary and patented Hardware Intelligent Circuits or “HIC” technology.

As part of SiTune’s suite of world’s first multi-standard ultra-wide-band RF transceivers, IceWings’s quad-channel supports all 5G/4G bands operating from 600MHz up the frequency of 7.2GHz as well as WiFi 6/6e/7 frequencies and bands. IceWings’s multi-standard feature design provides much needed design flexibility and scalability to customers and manufacturers.


  • Quad Tx/Rx, Analog RF technology
  • Wide-band single-ended RF inputs covering RF ranges of 600MHz to 7.2GHz
  • Reduces the number of RF switches in multi band designs
  • Integrated LNA and PA Pre-amp
  • Bandwidth support: 5/10/20/40/80/100/160/200/400 MHz
  • Analog IQ interface with Baseband SoC
  • Wide Band 4 RX paths can be used for observation paths reducing complexity in TDD modes
  • Integrated 2 Low phase noise fractional synthesizers supporting TDD, FDD and two 2×2 in TDD
  • Lo Sync mechanisms, allowing multi chip Lo synchronization


  • Lower power consumption: Accelerate the deployment of 5G by offering new technology perfect for reducing overall power consumption of the Radio Unit (RU), gNodeB and CPE.
  • Multi-standard interface: Support for a wide range of wireless standards with a flexible scalable interface design.
  • High-performance solutions: Complying with 5G NR, WiFi, WiFi 6/7 and 4G LTE specifications and offering superior performance when it comes to signal quality, noise, linearity, and power consumption due to their inherently innovative architecture.
  • Scalable support: Supports various 5G applications including gNodeB, private networks, Enterprises, IoT, and Small Cells.


Dense Area Coverage

Autonomous Driving

Private Networks

Smart City

Data Collection

Industrial IoT